Sunday, December 18, 2011

"tak hbs2 suruh sabar kan"

"sabarlah dik.."

"sabarlah bro."..

"rilek la babe.."

bersabarlah pakcik..makcik.."

"ambuih, senanglah hang nk suh org sabaq2..hang tak rasa apa aku rasa!"

"hang tak melalui apa yg aku sedang lalui la ni!"


sometimes org yg ckp catu betul gak..
memang senang untuk kita suruh org lain bersabar..
tapi bila benda tu sendiri berlaku kat kita, kita cam dh xder perasaan..
tak sempat nak fikir..
tak sempat nk cakap kat diri sendiri pun tuk sabar..
this is what I would call reflex action..heh..

For example, there will be a moment when we just want to cry, cry and cry..
there'll be a time, when we just want to slap her or him in d face
or even maybe shout and scream as loud as you could.

when that moment comes...nobody can tell u to be sabar..
only, you urself..
and that ofcoz depends on how strong "urself" can tell you!..(kayh bit confusing ker?)

My fren..,
I'm telling you this cause I know when I say "sabar ye..", that sentence just wont get into ur head.
Even if it did, you will forget abt it straight away..
but I guess..I just want you to be strong.

Be strong my fren..
Because we know, this pain wont last long..yes, it wont.believe me.
we've been in this pain before, and we felt as if we were dying..and yet we live..
keep on praying..
and celebrate..

My fren, this time you have to go alone..I have to go alone..
But if you have a strong faith, you are actually walking side by side with God.

we know this pain will not last long....

Friday, December 2, 2011



okok..first of all, I'm not a subuh type of person myself

my definition of suboh type:

bangun sebelum suboh tuk prepare pegi masjid then stay there for any short tazkirah then balik n  then make breakfast..lepas tu sapu2 luar rumah etc2..(xtdo balik sampai abt tgh hari..) heehee

I think it's obviously because I'm a lady, n hence I dont think I need to go to d mosque every suboh as how the men need to attend the mosque.

HOWEVERRRR... I think I should try to atleast wake up when the men wakes up too, n instead of tido balik, I reckon I should read the koran, zikir n start my day early by helping my mum out with all the house works.

Because honestly, it feels bad to wake up at 10am almost everyday and then regret that I should have could spent that hours of sleeping by doing soo much useful stuffs..

BUT ya know whatt.. masjid Bukit Jelutong here are willing to help you people  ^^
so, just now during suboh my whole family went to d mosque cuz ada program jom suboh tu.
"jom suboh" is basically a program where d aim of it is to attract people especially youngters (yeah like us) to attend the mosque every suboh!..

and so they had many many many kinds of activity such as for today; they were having a ceramah, then breakfast (mkn free again weeeee) after that melawat rumah org tua-tua, then azan suboh competition for youngster !(comeyhh je)..
FYI, they r having this program for every saturday n sunday for only this month..(if i'm not mistaken la tapi)heh
And it does'nt actually happen during suboh, but until 5pm!..
it's great though, cuz budak2 sekarang pong tgh cuti dak?:)

Cumaa...emm...just a liitle bit comment and thoughts la kan..
since it tries to attract youngsters, I guess they should shorten the duration of tazkirah after suboh..
cuz just now it was like almost an hour..and I had to washed my face twice!
maybe 15 minutes, short but informative tazkirah will do ;)
then, they can move on with the aweeessooomeee activitiesssss...

orite dats all . Jom suboh my friends!