Saturday, July 30, 2011

Umrah :)

classes are just around the corner people! (but I am still on MY LAND)HEHE..i know many of you are jelus! but heyy, dont worry, u people will be back on YOUR LAND again one day. so chill.

alhamduLilah, i think some of you might have already known that I have went to umrah during ma break.
So when many of ma frenz were bz playing with the snow, I was at the middle of the desert.
it was hot.(undeniable) but it was great! alhamduLilah.syukur2 to Allah swt.

we went to Madinah al Munawarah first then we went to Makkah al Mukaramah.

we arrived Madinah about 1 am.
so I quickly took a short shower and nap before preparing maself for suboh.
n when suboh arrived, masyaAllah, the azan was beatiful and I could see everybody, everybody from everycorner started walking towards the Masjid Nabawi..

and as I step into the Masjid Nabawi, subhanallah, what a beauty.
zam2 were everywhere. It is a must for me to drink the zam2 everytime i entered the mosque.
and everytime I drank the zam2, I would be amazed of it. I mean, lets think about it ya..the zam2 is a water that    
can be found in the middle of the dessert. and despite of the heat, the zam2 is always there since million of years already! and not only that, the taste of zam2 had never change!..Allahhuakhbar..

the view of madinah from my room

Masjid Nabawi (ignore her) n sori senget plak
after about 4 days in madinah..
we moved to Makkah..
and started our umrah..

the feeling when I was on my way to Makkah cant be describe..
it felt like, Allah has Invited me to his favorite place, to his home, to where a great man was born, Rasulullah s.a..
I felt honoured in the same time guilty because I have done so much sins and yet, Allah still make chances for me to be at Makkah again..sungguh Maha penyayang...

there's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to say about my experience in makkah n madinah.
but I think the best thing is you just have to experience it yourself.....:)

salam wrt..