Friday, May 18, 2012

Missing Istanbul

I've been to Istanbul LIKE last year and it was LIKE seriously subhanallah chantek sangaaaattt.
Like seriously, if you are planning to go for a honeymoon, GO TO ISTANBUL!! like I'm serious.
(k hm banyaknya perkataan "like". ahahaa..sooo annoying indeed)

Istanbul is just 2 hours camtu from Mecca. If I'm not mistaken. 
It's an Islamic country and a part of Europe!
So you see, it has a mixture of both matsallehs concept and Islamic. 
Mesti some of you wonder "kalo ada mix matsallehs concept mesti diorg "HU HA HU HA" kan?" eerrr, mestila ada kot kelompok "HU HA HU HA" tu, like anywhere in this world mesti ada je. But for this time being, I'd like to put that aside la eh. Cause secara majority-nya org Istanbul baik2 belaka. (chantek plak tuh= matsalleh+arabs gitooh)

Z pictures I took. Like? no? 

I went there with my family that is after we performed our umrah. Don't get me wrong, I do miss Madinah and Mecca as well. In fact, I'm missing them so much! :")

 <<< This is 1 of the palace. Gempak kan? Ni cam baru pintu gerbang kowt!

That boy over there is my BEEE..hahaha..(brother).
 The Turkish people I met at Jeddah Airport.
Ya Allah they are so friendly!
I told one of them that her ring was pretty then tetiba she pulled out her ring and gave it to me! Oh baekknyaaaaa....:")  And obviously i was like *speechless*.

So yah, Istanbul is another place where you can explore the history of Islam, being in the Islamic society as well as having the fun you need!
(tak kisah la as a couple or as in a family)

ps: sorry if this time's entry byk sgt perkataan "like". Like really. Go to Istanbul!

I'm a Queen (In Islam)

Last Sunday, Huda and me had a date for the first time since she got back from Paris.
Yessss Paris baby. AlhamduLilah we had a nice fancy breaky at the La Gallete.
The food were nice AND  I ,as usual chose to get the almond croissant as well as Mocha. Nyumnyum

Everythg is nyummy EXCEPT d marshmallow cuz x boleh makang
However, despite of all the fancy breakfast ,what I like the most from our date is the fact that we were talking about "WOMEN'S RIGHT in Islam"   Ahahaha. Although at that time I was agak aware la kan that we were actually talking about it and we were talking about it in english jgak! (IN THE MIDDLE OF MATSALLEHs)
hm, tak tau la if they were also aware and "pasang telinga" to our conversation.
Well, its good if they did. ^^

 Islam is not cruel to us, Women. Seriously.
Despite of what always regard Islam as a sexist religion, Islam is actually the religion that treat women the nicest! betoollll.
Some may say, 
"WHAT THE tuuutttt! how could you say that when you don't even have the right to dress up in whatever way You wanted!" .. some may even ask "then why a man can has 4 wives but women can't have 4 husbands?"
(typical kind of questions)

Well, I believe that I could  insyaAllah defend Islam against those questions mentioned above.
But I would not tell you now cause then its gonna be a loooonnnnnggg entry.

Basically, kitaorg cakap pasal what the westerners think, what most people think and what the Muslim society think?  They both have the rights and wrongs in arguing something.

Sure, the westerners or maybe some of them , are truly wrong when they claim Islam is injustice to the Women. Maybe bila diorang cakap camtu, they were referring to a particular CULTURE not Islam.
Because yes, some culture are MISINTERPRETING the Quran to advantage themselves.
Some like to pick and choose the rules written in the Quran when they should not have done so.
Let me rephrase it, SOME NOT ALL.

Well, You can put me as an example (CEWAH!) . I'm a proud Muslim woman, wearing the hijab whenever necessary. Covering my body parts that needs to be covered. Perform solat. Fast. etc etc
And yet! still studying so hard for the finals (CEWAH!), get some sips of coffee in the morning at one of the cafe. Attended some fashion shows. Touring around. Exploring places and people. Playing so hard. Having the choice to vote. To speak. To lead and To shop  ^^ Plus, the Muslim men are treating me with so much respect. Hardly will people call me something I dislike.If they disagree with my opinion, they would explain it to me nicely. Giving me the choice to follow them or not. They would listen to my ideas and help whenever necessary.

Generally, what I wanna say is Islam is not being cruel to me. Instead, Islam is protecting me through the guidelines provided in the Quran as well as the Hadith. Come on, its like when you are driving, you can drive but you have to fasten the seat belt and drives within the speed limit. Same goes to me, I can do whatever I want, but then everything has a limit. Get it???

I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here. Islam is not cruel to women. Rather, it actually protects as from the evil side of the world. >:(


A British man came to Sheikh and asked: 
Why is not permissible in Islam for women to shake hands with a man?

The Sheikh said: 

Can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?
British man said: Of course not, there are only certain people who can shake

hands with Queen Elizabeth.
Sheikh replied: our women are queens and queens do not shake hands with 
strange men. !!
subhanallah !!

I'm a queen! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Doraemon & Kumon

Masih aku ingat,
Pada waktu itu  mata ku hanya tertumpu pada jam di dinding,
Oh lama betul rasa bila mempelajari sesuatu,

“Bilalah nak balik?’’
Perutku lapar.

Yang aku fikirkan pada masa itu ialah sempat atau tak  untuk aku tengok cerita Doraemon pukul  7.30 pm nanti.
ok you may go now, your work is done. Here’s your homework. Please try to work on your time management ok ?”
“okok..” Jawab aku dengan simplenya sebab bahasa inggeris aku pada waktu tu tak lah sehebat mana pun kalau nk jawab panjang-panjang.

Selesai saja masa aku di KUMON, aku akan dengan excitednya menunggu mama untuk menjemputku pulang .Aku akan turun dengan harapan kereta Proton mama dah sedia di “tempat biasa” .
Pernah saja mama lewat sebab dia kena work “overtime”. Tapi pada waktu itu aku tak mengerti, yang aku tahu perutku lapar dan aku mesti tengok cerita Doraemon. Jadi, selalu saja aku merajuk dan menarik muka. Mama yang keletihan sudah pastinya akan marah dan tersinggung..

Semarah-marah dan sepenat-penat mama, mama mesti akan tanya kalau aku nak nasi lemak kerang special yang dijual oleh makcik di tepi jalan on the way balik ke rumah. Dan semasam-masam muka aku pun, mestilah aku nak nasi lemak tu! Lapar kot..

Tulah kisah aku dulu,
Tak pernah aku fikir kenapa aku kena belajar?
Tak pernah aku fikir kenapa cikgu suruh aku berusaha..
Tak pernah aku fikir kenapa walau sepenat mana pun mama, dia tetap tabah dan sabar menghantar dan mengambil aku pulang dari KUMON.
Tak pernah...

Rupanya bila aku mula dewasa,
Baru aku faham sikit demi sikit..
Ilmu mengajar aku mengira..mengira betapa banyaknya pengorbanan abah dan mama.
Ilmu mengajar aku membaca..membaca fikiran dan hati mereka yang aku sayang..
Ilmu mengajar aku memahami...memahami segala kejadian di Dunia..
Ilmu mengajar aku bersabar...sabar menimba dan berkongsi ilmu..
Tapi yang paling penting, ilmu yang bermanfaat akan membuatkan seseorang itu tunduk pada Penciptanya..

Bukan semata-mata untuk mendapatkan segulung ijazah..
Bukan supaya kita dihormati dan digeruni..
Bukan untuk segunung harta ..
Bukan juga untuk memiiliki sebuah nakhoda..

Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda:“Apabila mati seorang anak Adam itu, maka terhentilah segala amalannya kecuali 3 perkara iaitu sedekah jariah, ilmu yang berguna serta doa anak-anak yang soleh”