Saturday, November 13, 2010


Looking at the clock, and I said "oh no, I am late!"-at 4.45PM

yes, I was late to be at my friend's place , Cooper.
Today, my friends brought me to a place that I never know exist before!
I have been at Perth for more than a year and I never know that somewhere in this calm state lies a cool ''lepak'' spot!-SUBIACO -

Actually, I have been to Subiaco for a couple of times before but I guess I didn't go deeply into the city to have discover such a great lepak spot!

We went to Subiaco to try the desert at Sanchorros (I don't think I'm spelling it correctly!)
Love the drinks and the desert there. Some of my friends ordered mocha shake, chocolate&vanilla shake
and chocolate&strawberry shake! (ya I know everything  need a shake there..hehe)
I've tried all their drinks and they were splendid!

When I first entered the city of Subiaco, I was kinda jakun.
There were shops,underground train station, shopping complex, cafes and luxuries apartments.
More surprisingly is that, Subiaco actually is just 10 min drive from my house! (or even lesser!)
I'm feeling like quite a looser and outdated for only knowing about it now..

Ohkayh..stop talking about my "frustration"...let's talk about the happy happy thing pulak
So!at Subiaco, we eat and laughs and well, as usual, we took photos! yeah, these are some of it...

shida menjeling-menjeling! while fyra menyuappp.awwww

saya, haya, fyra and fery di San Churro!!

belakang tu la ada underground train station (jakun2)

I wish we can hang out together again at Subiaco next time.

ohkayh, it's already  12 past 10. I am going to move my furniture and stuffs out from my  room tomorrow and guess what? I HAVE'NT EVEN PACK A THING!!!..(bagus la dhamirah)heh

So I think I better begin to pack everything now so that I can hit the sack earlier and wake up early tomorrow since my friends are coming in the morning to help.

ok peeps!GOOD NIGHT!...

                       Quote for the day:

 "To give means giving something without hoping anything back in return. So as to love and to help. Hoping for something can just bring you to frustration. So just plan, follow the plan, pray and  accept anything that happens later on. InsyaAllah, what ever happen, it will all turn out fine in the end"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Stuffs


but that won't stop me from writing a blog..hehe
kayh2..hari ni nak cakap pasal ape ekk??? emmmmmm
well, I can't really think of one though!..maybe cause my brain is not working to its full potential already, so I am going to talk about random stuffs today..

Today, I went to the house agent and Uni to settle some stuffs..and alhamduLilah, its all settled..(so far)
Then, I went to cooper (my friends's house) to just hanging around there and guess what!?
they were actually "experimenting"
hahaha..when I say experimenting, I actually mean ""trying new recipes"" oh yeahhh

So lucky to be there cause I got to taste their food (and actually I was starving). Nice food ladies! 

Moving on,

After spending my precious time at cooper, I then went to the city with Huda.
My main intention to go to the city was to get BUBBLE TEAAAAAAAA
It has been quite a while since the last time I drank bubble teaa..
I was kinda surprise to see how my mood can change dramatically after I drank buble makes me highhhh..hehe

oh yap, did I tell you that Huda and I prayed at David Jones's fitting room!!hahahaha
It was funny how Huda PRETEND to konon2 interested in buying some of the VERY EXPENSIVE dress..
She can really be Hollywood actor la..(or maybe Bollywood, chaya chaya!)lol

After that, we also took some photos infront of David Jones..
Tu diaaa, saya n bini saya(the one in pink!)

Then, we went to TAKA (a HALAL Japanese restaurant)
Actually, I did'nt really feel like to eat Japanese food but we just went there because I guess that was "the best" option to have dinner at, at that moment.
Anyhoo, I think I forgot to mentioned that I made new friend today. Her name is Lina (which means Gentle babeyh!) yap..she's from Brunei.  She's actually a friend of my wife.huhuhu
We bumped into her at Ally. 

tu dia LINA (sori gambar blur2)

At Taka, we had this conversation about MEN and the divorce rate in the world today.
It upsets me sometime to hear how some "inhuman" men treated women. Frankly speaking, men should protect women not taking them for granted and only need them when they "need" them..YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN??

However, to all men out there who are still nice..don't ever stop being nice. Another thing, don't just be nice to the women you "love" but to all women.


kayh guys?its not hard. Why some of you wanna be mean anyway? I know some of the women are also mean but hey, guide them (or should I say "us"?) not destroy.

After TAKA, we head back to our home..and now, I'm nice to be in my own room after one tiring day..but again AlhamduLilah cause I got the chance to live another exciting day 

                       Quote for the day:

   "Live today as if there is no tomorrow. Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian kecuali mereka yang beriman dan beramal soleh"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2nd Sem

After spending my first sem at Wilson, I moved to Nedland which is located near to my uni! It is a lovely house indeed. My housemates are kak Daeng, Syuhada and Huda. They are splendid!.. kak Daeng and syu are such a good cook! love their ""creations""..woohooo....while Huda, she's my psyhologist/counselor/advisor/WIFE! hak hak. My room is quite big..ok actually its BIG for me alone..he he BUT I am surely comfortable there.
My Room at Nedland
O'rite! moving on.
So, I live there, in that lovely cousy room. AlhamduLilah.
Then, during this sem I have also made some new awesome friends. This awesome friends of mine have spend a lot of sweet and 'sour' time together. One of the time I will never forget to bring with me as a tale for my grandchildren one day is how we celebrated Ramadhan and Aidilfitri here, in Australia.
Well, ofcourse it was not as "meriah" as it is in my home country, MALAYSIA!...but then I was happy and feel blessed.

Ramadhan & Aidilfitri

I had lots of fun during that time!!! Still remember during those moments when we were rushing to places to break our fast and during one of those times, we could'nt reach the place on time and had to break our fast in the car!(when I was driving) hak hak hak....What I like during this holly months is that I felt like I was in ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY..(yeay!!)...together we fast, together we eat, together we drink, together we pray and together we took lots and lots of PHOTOS..(sukanyaa)..Although I did'nt received any duit raya , my stomach was full with food and my heart was full with LOVES.. 

Here are some of the photos we took during these holly months

so yap! that was it about Ramadhan and Aidilfitri.
I know its short! really wanna write more about it but gotta save it for somethg else jugak hehe
Well, after Aidilfitri, we had our mid exams!..kayh I'm not interested to talk about it here..was'nt something I would like to call as something fun.heh.

So, after mid exam, Spring starts to bloommmmm.....


During spring, we went to two places, Araluen and Albany. First, we went to Araluen (a Tullips garden) Then, we went to Albany( sebenarnya bukan Albany je, we also went to Margaret River and ...Augusta). We went to Araluen by car. The guys lead us the way however we did get lose! hak hak hak..but fortunately, we finally get to be there!! yeayyy..At Araluen, we had picnic and then we jalan-jalan around the garden (while taking photos la ofcoz) . Everybody had to bring some food, and there were about 15 of us??so just imagine how much food we had at that time!..I still remember the time when the mouth watering Curry almost spilled out from the bocor cointainer!Nasib baik laaa we realise awal2, so luckily, we got the chance to save the curry and eat it!(sedapnyaaaaaaa, dh la lapar skrg niiiiii)..

So, ni kitaorang at Araluen!

kayh, NEXT2..
We went to Albany with 3 rented cars. So, memang convoy lah! It took us 5 hours to get us to Albany. We started our adventurous journey early in the morning so we I thought I really will end up sleeping for that whole 5 hours in the car, but I WAS WRONG!..hak hak..Along the journey, we chat, n sing, n play some games, took photos and macam2 lagilah! 
 During this trip, we went to many places in 3 days. (ya it was just 3 days, but I had fun!) Some of the places that I can still recall are like The Gap, The Windfarm, The Natural Bridge, The Tree Top Walks and The Lake Cave. Although I was sick during that time, I felt energetic to explore the creation of the Almighty Allah. was beautiful..just like a dream..

Hmm..really miss those moments..

Our spring break lasted for a week. So after that, we continue in carrying on our normal daily routine life at Uni....till the time we gotta prepare our self for the final exams..

well..I'm done with my final. So basically, I'M DONE WITH MY 2ND SEM.
huhu..although it is quite Happy happy thing for me, I am still going to miss those moments I had during this sem. 

To my friends, THANK YOU for making my days as bright as sunshines..hoping to see you guys again next year..have a splendid time in Malaysia!!

Quote :

" whenever you are not feeling loved, remember that Allah is there beside you, looking at you and hoping for you to quickly realise how much He loves you"

3rd Attempt

So this is my third attempt in creating a blog. Why???because I kept forgeting my password and my life was too bord to write about!!..he he.. Nevertheless, I was kinda "busy"" with my life, so I did'nt really had the opportunity to 'be bound' to it. However, despite all that, I'm writing one now!! I think it is something that I do sometimes because maybe I just wanna share some of the wonderful and worst experience in my life with whoever who loves to read my blog.

However, just to warn whoever who's reading this, THIS BLOG MIGHT GET YOU INTO SLEEP. hak hak.
so just be prepare with all your pillows and blanket around you. Oh ya, another thing that I would like to let you guys know before proceeding this blog thing is emmmm.. I do sucks in English sometimes! So if you see any mistakes in my grammar or spelling or whatsoever, please do correct me.I insist! But then, You might also find that I'm going to use any short abbreviations and any Malay words.

HAA..I think I'm starting to bord you right!!!!!? alaa..releks la..stay with me..huhu
So!..Here goes........