Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WHAT THE ......

Bile time-time macam ni baru terasa nak tulis blog en..
anyway, yesterday kak rehan suddenly caught my attention when she said "WHAT THE FISHERMAN'S FRIEND"..
I dont know why I found it so funny!
*Don't you guys think its funny too?*
U know our human tendency of saying something like "OH s***!" or "what the h**" and even "what the f***" (things that are bad to say) BUT these words often came out when we are super angry or shocked! and some just loveee to say em'. (and I just don't like to say em)

However, I realized that nowadays people are trying to control the words that are spitting out from their mouth (outside from their control) by saying something yang cam dekat2 dengan d words like the above!

So here are the words yang I think can be a substitute lah for d above highlighted sentences!

-what the HEAVEN! -instead of what the hell...
-what the Fish! or what the FISHERMAN'S FRIEND (ayat kak rehan) hahaha-instead of what the f***
- OH SHOOOOOT -Instead of oh shit?

I'm sure banyak lagi words yg are possible to become the substitutes for those harsh words..

Anyway, daripada kita guna perkataan-perkataan catuh, I think its better if we try to beristighfar and say ALLAHUAKHBAR! kan?. ahik.