Monday, June 27, 2011

kepulangan PART 2

yes! dapat pun masuk dunia blog ni balek.
almaklumlah, agak bz lately..(sebenarnya lupa password kan..watever la dmira)-.-"

so, after hours on the flight, I have finally made it! I'm on MY LAND people.
di cnilah tempat tumpah darah ku.
so, it has been much pleasure being here..
I've done so much awesome thgs with awesome people..
I went to buy some new cool tudungs with ma mum
eat and eat..
bowling , roller skate. and much2 more!

sori tu bro ek, not bf!

kalo nak tgk gambar skate, ada di facebook saya..(kalau nak tgk laa...)
ohkayh..tu je nak update so far.actually byk yg nak mama dh panggil!cya!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


salam to all.

for this time entry, I'd like to answer some curiosity of my friend., his name is Hilal.:)

well, he asked..

Yes there is a but ,
What if the other person thinks its more than that .
You're not leading on just you're being who you are but she/he thinks the differ and go further .
How do you not jeopardize the relationship as friends and not make the opposite sex heart broken .

that's a tough question man! seusly..
but, actually the answer is simple..

don't love a person too much and the way we show and give our love has to be right, tul x?(cece, i hope i'm right)
Jangan la over plak dlm loving sum1, if shes a girl, treat her and love her by following the guideline presented by Islam. and insyaAllah you'll be safe from any heart broken.

ofcoz, sum ppl will be "perasan" that when we treat em nice and care for em means we are falling for em..hmm....had face that before...
but in that case, we can't do anythg abt it..
But, does that mean we have to stop treating em nicely and love em for who they are?

what I meant by saying love a person n never hope anythg in return is to avoid any dishonesty in any relationships (frenship, family, husband n wife..etc etc)..
Some people are too eager to be loved back until they tend to be so worry and frustrated of themselves...
To me, its a very simple concept.. love, help, give ..bcuz everytime u does that, Allah will loves u even more..

hope that quite much  helps..hehe..
if not, im sorry!

Monday, June 20, 2011

symptom time exam........(or maybe it's just me)

sum1: I must study!

 15 minute passed..

sum1: (studying. studying. studying)

30 min passed...

sum1: to do this question?....nvm, try2! I know i can do it!


33 min passed...

sum1: hmmm...pnah ke aku belaja benda ni? (nampak sgt kuat megelamun dlm kelas.erk.)-.-"

35 min passed..

sum1: ..tak tau cane nak buat ni..ah.stress!.bukak fb JAP la..

40 min passed..
50 min passed...
2 hours passed...

sum1: oh no! dh pukul 10! lamanya aku bukak fb (buat2 terkejut la plakkan)..
            ok..sambung study..

at 11...

sum1: ngantuknya.......

at 12am..

sum1: ZzZzZzZzZ

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perth ke?

AlhamduLilah...exam finally habis.( jgn tanya eden how was it -.-")

so, skrg ni cuti la kita!!haha..
since tgh cuti ni..saya nak share sikit ye ttg tempat di mana sy menimba ilmu since tak pernah  lagi kan saya kongsi citer pasal ni 

well, I'm currently studying in Perth, WA, Australia.
It's a really nice and beautiful place.
Seus, x tipu punya.
Ofcoz some people cakap perth is a boring place.
Hm. to me its not laaa...let me show to ya some pictures..

city from far

prada, gucci, burbury, guess etc

hay st



riverside drive

cottesloe, 10 min from UWA

KAK Rehan!!:D

N ofcoz with me;)

So what do u guys think???cam boring gak ke?-.-"
tak la best je.
Well, Ive been here for 2 yrs dah..and I never get bord of it. I just love it!..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

my not genius secret

so some people have been asking me..

" so next yr masuk degreelah?"


" year is my third year degree"..

They'll be replying this...

" must be a genius!lompat ke..?"


I'M NOT a GENIUS. let me make that I AM NOT GENIUS. yes, there I've been repeated it twice.
okok...let me share with you guys how am I already doing my degree. Maybe after this I dont have to cerita panjang2 evytime people ask me the same question as stated above.(scroll up!).

I have done my SPM when I was in form 5.And when I was in form 5, I was 17. So ya, I'm not a "budak lompat" (took PTS, but failed badly..mmgla time umur 9 tahun malas ag nak pegang buku.heh)

So, after SPM, i've waited my result like org lain.
Which means, I didn't use my trial result to apply here.( which is not so good FYI).

So after Ive received my spm result..(which is finally,satisfying, alhamduLilah!) I've applied for the TUART COLLEGE June intake. It's a 6 months you can call it a fast track.

since ma dad really wanted me to get into UWA (which is the uni i'm in now) ,we decided to applied for TUART college cuz dia ada exam yg kalo pass, bleyh terus masuk UWA.hehe.

and so..I went for that fast track. and alhamduLilah, I've pass the requirement. and finally, here I am in UWA doing my degree! after 2 years and a half in aust..

I am sure many people can get the chance to follow the steps that Ive made.(chewah!)
Tapi cuz many didn't know, they though that the only way to get into uni is by doing foundation or diploma for years dulu.
I'm glad that mama had done so much research and so she has guided me on what steps I should undertake.

orite. that's my secret.:)

ps: ramai je kat cni yg maseh muda2 tp dh buat master n degree.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

pretty like who?

A: dia lawa.

B: ha ah, dia lawa .Tapi kau pun lawa jgak :)

A: tp aku x selawa dia.


Yes, ofcoz mmg lumrah manusia la nak jadi cantek.
Tak kisah la dia dewasa, tua, datin, model, or a widow.
Semua nak cantek. SEMUA.
If not, xkan org  kecoh2 bila kena simbah acid. (simbah asid is a very bad habit kayh people, jgn buat! Allah simbah air neraka kat muka hang nanti, baru hang taw)

But, is it really necessary to be pretty like others?
be urself sudeyh...ofcozla lisa surihani tu cantek...hana tajima hot..that's undeniable..
but trying to make us pretty like them? that's impossible.

Allah dah kata...wanita ibarat bunga2 yang meng-indahi dunia..
SO there you go! u ARE pretty!

but hey, I'm not saying that trying to be pretty n neat n fashionable are wrong.
no no no.
dat's not what i mean people.
what i mean is, you are already pretty... people love ya cuz of who u r..not bcuz u r like lisa surihani.
so be grateful for it.

thank Allah always.AlhamduLilah. 


And so I am done with 3 papers!
1 more to go..............
oh i can't wait to finish it! Even though the exams so far AREN'T that satisfying..T.T
the next paper will be on this 2.00 pm..and it's gonna be calculus..(SCARYY)
pray for me people!..hmmm.....

Guess what, like many other people on this earth. I have planned the stuffs that I'll like to do during the holiday. Can't wait to share it!...ok..gotta go now.

---Missing home.....
"berangan" spot

love it

selalu tertido kat cni sambil baca novel

to remember this is what I see everytime I open the windows

Saturday, June 11, 2011

unusual fear

hey today I had my exam...
which is about 3 hours ago..
u now that feeling of "cuak"  n suddenly can't breath when you are facing the exam?
I had that just now!!!...I donno why...for some sort of reason..I was too scard to answer the questions..
At those time, every scary thoughts went into my mind like..errrr.......**********

when i got the paper..I was like.."ok, the papers are in my hand now..."
n then when there were question that I donno how to do, I'll be like..oh no......

"cane nak buat nih?!!!!!!! okok..calm down...cuba ingat balik...take a deep breath...inhale...Allah..."

It's like having all the goosebumps when the papers are in my hand..
and during these days, Ive kept dreaming about answering questions..
It's like, I'm still thinking even when I am sleeping!!!...I couldn't sleep so well....

oh god, help me.

OK, I know I'm not suppose to write any blog now..but hmm, I guess I just wanna share this unusual fear of exam that I'm having..

Thursday, June 2, 2011

vote for the hottest babe?

Thinking back to the days in high school.
Well I can say my high school life was not as amazing as other's would be.
I was just a normal prefect who came to school everyday to study...heh. 

In the end of the year, there'll be a "vote" campaign for "who's the coolest kid in school", who' the hottest babe in school" and "who's the best of all"..
Obviously, I admit that SMKBJ.....had lots of pretty babes.
It was hard for me to vote in those days as there were many girls that I think were pretty.
To me, they are all pretty.

I don't understand why they need to have such voting.
I mean, ofcoz people would NOT vote based on really how a person looks, but by how close they are to them. And maybe for some people who wants to be voted, they'll do anythg in the near future to win the heart of their peers.
It makes other feel unsecured of themselves when they are actually already pretty.
Maybe if they would like to make a vote, they should make a vote for " who is the nicest person in the school" or  "who is the greatest person in the school".

I donno if my late school is still having that kind of "vote" campaign.
But, hey...if they are still having it. Don't take it too serious because the true beauty lies inside a person.

Happy voting.:)