Sunday, February 24, 2013


hey hey.
Have you ever got a D or an E or even C for your Math?

Seriously, I once HATED MATH so much.
During those times, I wished and prayed that I will never ever ever be involve in numbers.

why?because I rather be involving in Math than reading the whole book.
But how did that happen?

Firstly, I am thankful to God and mama for introducing me to a superb Math tutor.
His name is En.Badri. Since then, he is my favourite teacher.
He taught me that in Math, you must understand the concept!
You cant just memorize the examples.
Because in exam, the numbers and rules will be the same. In fact! The question will be the same, but rather than finding "x", they'll change it to find "x" in terms of "y".

Once you have understand the concept, it will be fun to practice again and again.
Until some point, you will get addicted to it.
You will feel the most SATISFACTION AND PRIDE when you are able to answer a question that your peers found it hard and almost impossible to answer. haha.

I use to fail Add Math terribly when I was at High School.
So then, I started to ask myself. Do you want to get an E for your SPM?! of course NO.
SO, I invented a strategy. (cewahh."invented" gitooh)
So here's what I did:

I knew that the exam paper consisted of 3 parts.
And for every part, the examiner has allocated the sufficient amount of time that we should spend on on each part. Say, 40 min for part 1...45 min for part 2

So every morning, before I started studying other subjects, I will give myself the recommended time to answer  one section/part.

So, if this morning I have done part 1 for 40 mins..tomorrow I'm going to do part 2..n the day after I'm going to do part 3..
then after that, I will repeat the whole process..again and again for each morning before I started studying others.
The reason is simple, it helps me to keep the pace and to trained my brain to be focus..
Its a good start to a day as well.

DON'T worry if you cant answer any question. DON'T panic. And DON'T give up.
ONLY check and compare your answers after you have finished answering a section.

In Shaa Allah!
by the time SPM, you are all ready! :)

ps: I am not trying to be bajet, I am not so good in Math myself..still needs lots of help.
Just sharing my experience during my days of studying for SPM.

ALL THE BEST! Man jadda wajadda 


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