Friday, January 20, 2012

V for Videos. A for awesomness.

seriously dah lama x mencoret blog..cewah.."mencoret"
ok enuf with that..
I am in the middle of summer, n yes, it is super hot and it is getting hotter everyday.
yesterday, I spent my whole tengah hari by watching youtubeee...(I am a big fan of Mr. Youtube but nop, i dont have an account. maybe someday lah) so, guess what I watched? ofcoz I was watching Mr.Zizan and ustad azhar. 
oh they are totally awesomeeeeee!

I'm assuming yang korang sumer dah kenal la kan Mr.Zizan nih.Kalo x knal then lemma tell u dat he is dat one cute funny man, with a really mancong nose! :P or you can just go google to find out about him.

Ustad Azhar nih, I'm sure many know gak and have heard about his awesomeness!!.
Ceramah2 dia sangat bermanfaat and I can say he is a very knowledgeable man indeed.
and the way beliau menyampaikannya pun sangat la menarik..

so basically I recommend you guys lakan tuk sama2 tonton and dengar video2 Ustad ni sama. To hear the one I heard yesterday, u can just click on

Oh yah, have you heard about Productive Muslim? yap, video2 nya pun best kan..
Cuma the different is that Productive Muslimnya video is animation type of video (mostly).

Serius best!..Those videos make you think and make you say " I want to be like that too! I know I can. So I will!" (perghh..semangat2)..

yes, you can also check em out by clicking on