Sunday, December 18, 2011

"tak hbs2 suruh sabar kan"

"sabarlah dik.."

"sabarlah bro."..

"rilek la babe.."

bersabarlah pakcik..makcik.."

"ambuih, senanglah hang nk suh org sabaq2..hang tak rasa apa aku rasa!"

"hang tak melalui apa yg aku sedang lalui la ni!"


sometimes org yg ckp catu betul gak..
memang senang untuk kita suruh org lain bersabar..
tapi bila benda tu sendiri berlaku kat kita, kita cam dh xder perasaan..
tak sempat nak fikir..
tak sempat nk cakap kat diri sendiri pun tuk sabar..
this is what I would call reflex action..heh..

For example, there will be a moment when we just want to cry, cry and cry..
there'll be a time, when we just want to slap her or him in d face
or even maybe shout and scream as loud as you could.

when that moment comes...nobody can tell u to be sabar..
only, you urself..
and that ofcoz depends on how strong "urself" can tell you!..(kayh bit confusing ker?)

My fren..,
I'm telling you this cause I know when I say "sabar ye..", that sentence just wont get into ur head.
Even if it did, you will forget abt it straight away..
but I guess..I just want you to be strong.

Be strong my fren..
Because we know, this pain wont last long..yes, it wont.believe me.
we've been in this pain before, and we felt as if we were dying..and yet we live..
keep on praying..
and celebrate..

My fren, this time you have to go alone..I have to go alone..
But if you have a strong faith, you are actually walking side by side with God.

we know this pain will not last long....

Friday, December 2, 2011



okok..first of all, I'm not a subuh type of person myself

my definition of suboh type:

bangun sebelum suboh tuk prepare pegi masjid then stay there for any short tazkirah then balik n  then make breakfast..lepas tu sapu2 luar rumah etc2..(xtdo balik sampai abt tgh hari..) heehee

I think it's obviously because I'm a lady, n hence I dont think I need to go to d mosque every suboh as how the men need to attend the mosque.

HOWEVERRRR... I think I should try to atleast wake up when the men wakes up too, n instead of tido balik, I reckon I should read the koran, zikir n start my day early by helping my mum out with all the house works.

Because honestly, it feels bad to wake up at 10am almost everyday and then regret that I should have could spent that hours of sleeping by doing soo much useful stuffs..

BUT ya know whatt.. masjid Bukit Jelutong here are willing to help you people  ^^
so, just now during suboh my whole family went to d mosque cuz ada program jom suboh tu.
"jom suboh" is basically a program where d aim of it is to attract people especially youngters (yeah like us) to attend the mosque every suboh!..

and so they had many many many kinds of activity such as for today; they were having a ceramah, then breakfast (mkn free again weeeee) after that melawat rumah org tua-tua, then azan suboh competition for youngster !(comeyhh je)..
FYI, they r having this program for every saturday n sunday for only this month..(if i'm not mistaken la tapi)heh
And it does'nt actually happen during suboh, but until 5pm!..
it's great though, cuz budak2 sekarang pong tgh cuti dak?:)

Cumaa...emm...just a liitle bit comment and thoughts la kan..
since it tries to attract youngsters, I guess they should shorten the duration of tazkirah after suboh..
cuz just now it was like almost an hour..and I had to washed my face twice!
maybe 15 minutes, short but informative tazkirah will do ;)
then, they can move on with the aweeessooomeee activitiesssss...

orite dats all . Jom suboh my friends!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's okay to me

It doesn't matter if you are not the one.
Yes, it doesn't matter to me.

Although I've been praying for you,
Although you were the one I thought of every time I watched "ayat2 cinta":)

it's ok if u say you don feel d same way as I do,
Yes, it's ok to me.

Although you were the one I wish to cook for,
And although you were the one who I would like to smile to everyday..

it's ok if u caused a little bit pain in my heart,
it's ok..

You must have wonder why I could be this strong?
do you wanna know why?


I didn't love you, but I have fall for the deeds you made,
I didn't put you as a priority, you are way down the list.
Most importantly..I didn't pray to share my life with you, but rather to share my life with you or someone better than you instead..:) 

-Allah knows best-

(entry ini xder kena mengena ngan sesape yeee..time kasih)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion and Muslimah

Since everybody now are talking about fashion and such, I would like to share with you people some of the fashion that I think are alright!hehe
okla, diorg ni I'm sure many of you are familiar with.
and, to me, it's not wrong to look nice and long as you are covering your aurah!;)

Hana Tajima-love her maxi skirt!

Heliza Helmi- lovely dress indeed!

Curi from TudungPeople hehe

I"m planning to make my baju raya like this..

Maria Eleena- the kardigen goes so well with the dress

Heliza again- its coulouful yet  simple 

Ok, I know it's like I am a stalker je kan copy and paste gambar diorg kat cni..
but I think seriously, I like the way they dress up..
bukan pe, diorg tak pakai pun pakaian yg ketat sampai nampak bentuk badan, and they are covering their body from head to toe!..sejuk je mata tengok kan..hehe
kalo bakal mak mentua tgk pong, terus berkenan <3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

STOP tolong :"(



Sebenarnya cani, yesterday I was chilling down for a while sambil makan2 cheese pie yg kak effah have bought for us the other day..n then while I was chilling around..I saw this err image on fb!..astargfirullah
its not that I purposely clicked on it or such but it happened to appear on kak teyha's lappy..*when I was chilling around plak tuh..*

Ok, dat image is just soooo terrible yg teramat, I feel quite pity for that related person.
I assume korang faham what kind of image I'm talking about here cause I'm not going to describe any further about it...orait? great.

So the points I'm trying to draw out here  ARE ..em byk sbnrnya:

1. Kalau u dont like that picture, stop sharing it people...haiyh.(.saket mata ni tau tak bler TERtgk benda2 catu..) instead of sharing, why dont u nice people just report it as spam or such. So, rather than u click on d share button, click on the spam button instead!

2. don't comment benda2 yg mengarut wont change he or her life pon. And don't judge just based on what u see on fb..d picture might have been superimposed keer, u never knw!..who knows that d girl/guy is actually a victim of a situation! who knows that girl or guy don't even know abt their face being superimposed! 

3. even if it's true..let us pray together that he/she will dapat petunjuk from Allah swt.

ok, that's all. I'm not pointing out to anybody here..but as someone who also concerns, I would like to share my thoughts regarding this kind of matter with u all..

DON'T judge people by it's cover people, REMEMBER, we OURSELVES are NOT SO GREAT after all.

Rasulullah s.a.w. :

"Barangsiapa di kalangan kamu melihat kemungkaran, maka cegahlah ia dengan tangan. Jika tidak tidak mampu, maka cegahlah ia dengan lisan. Jika itu juga di luar kemampuannya, maka cegahlah dengan hati Sesungguhnya (mencegah dengan hati) selemah-lemah iman."
(hadith Riwayat Muslim)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Exam exam exam!!
ya Allah! bila exam mai je, sumer jadi zombies ok

but why?whyyyyy are we so afraid of exam??
THAT makes me wonder sometimes..

"MI, nape manusia takot exam?" heh..soklan tah pape at abt 1 am in the morning but curiouse maa..
 and she answers.."you tak takut ke?"
heh...ofcoz la takottt..
but whyyy?

sometimes I do wonder, we r sooo scared of d exam n yet, we r not always prepare for that BIIGGGGGG EXAM..*ya know what I mean?*

ok if u donno wa I mean..-(r u sure U donno? or pura2 je?heehee)- that BIGGGGGGG EXAM is the exam that determine whether we r going to suffer for eternity or happpyyy for ever n everrr , and yap you're right! it is happening no kidding..

so senang citer that BIGGGG EXAM is our lives now, and the day we die  is when the time is up!
dats right people, and in that BIGGG EXAMM, aint nobody gonna tell us that we still have 10 or 5 minutes to go..


well, I normal exams in life, we tend to get cuak or kelam kabut when TOMORROW IS THE I guess that's HUMAN BEHAVIOUR..

and cuz manusia itu pelupa..God defines human dat way anywayss..-Pelupa-
BUT, do we wanna be pelupa and choose to fail that BIGGG EXAM and suffer for eternity?? NO!..i dont!..
so, we better try to always remind of ourselves abt THE. BIG. EXAM. and prepare for it..

ALL THE BEST!rabbi yasir wala tuasir!

*I think exams in this world indirectly remind me of that BIGG EXAM *

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

lagi best jadi lelaki?R u sure?

Susah ke jadi seorang perempuan??

hmm...susah jugak sebenarnya ..

yela..ce tgk bila nak keluar ke Uni misalnya..
lelaki paling teruk pun amik gel rambut and start cacak2 kan rambut, kalau tak cacak pun, akan di' adjust' jambulnya..(nii observation yg dibuat thru adik k)

kalo perempuan plak?
Mulalah dilema mencari baju apa yg kena pakai..
baju kenalah sopan n menutup aurat.
tak ketat..and tak memanaskan jugak..

Bila dah jumpa baju, kena cari tudung yg matching pulokkk..adoii
bila dah jumpa tudung yg matching, kena pkir style tudung pulokk...adoii
style tak kisah la cane pun asalkan x terlalu menonjol and tak bercanggah dengan tuntutan Islam ..
hmm (dats y i preferably kalo gi Uni would wear tudung sarung cuz dh xyah pkir ttg style lg)
ada tu, yg kena gosok tudung plak before pakai..yelaa supaya xla nampak serabut kat atas kepala

so tulah dilemma wanita tiap2 hari..
tak termasuk plak time kena berjemur di bawah terik mentariii..oh..
kalo lelaki boleyh aja longgar2kan baju, kolar..
tapi perempuan?xkan nk longgar2kan tudung?
kalo perempuan terpaksalah "berenang" dlm lautan peluhnya

jadi memang lah tak dinafikan menjadi seorang wanita itu payah jugak laa kalo nk dibandingkan ngan gender2 lain..hehe..."gender2"?


disebabkan kepayahan wanita itu, Allah swt berfirman bahawa di akhirat kelak, wanita yg solehah itu boleh memasuki syurga melalui mana2 pintu syurga yg dikehendakinya!waaa...mana-mana pintu ok..

Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud: “Apabila seseorang wanita melakukan solat lima waktu, puasa Ramadan, memelihara maruahnya, dan taat suami, maka masuklah mana-mana pintu syurga yang kamu kehendaki.” (Riwayat )

and2, tahu tak bahawa pintu syurga itu ada berapa??

Ibnu Abbas ra. berkata: Surga mempunyai 8 pintu yang terbuat dari emas, yang dihiasi dengan jauhar (sejenis mutiara) dan pada pintu yang pertama tertulis kalimat LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH MUHAMMADUR RASUULULLAH, yaitu pintu bagi para Nabi dan Rasul, syuhada’ dan juga pintunya orang-orang yang dermawan.Pintu yang kedua yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang mendirikan shalat, orang yang menyempurnakan wudhunya dan orang yang menyempurnakan rukun-rukun shalatnya. Pintu yang ketiga yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang memberikan zakatnya dengan senang hati dan ikhlas. Pintu yang keempat yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang memerintahkan kepada kebajikan dan mencegah terhadap perbuatan munkar. Pintu yang kelima yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang dapat memelihara syahwatnya dan mencegah dari nafsu yang buruk. Pintu yang keenam yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang melaksanakan haji dan umrah.Pintu yang ketujuh yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang berjihad (dijalan Allah). Dan pintu yang kedelapan yaitu pintu bagi orang-orang yang bertaqwa.

Despite of segala kesusahan itu juga, wanita sungguh mulia kedudukannya di dalam Islam..
Mana tak nya, Allah sungguh memuliakan setiap wanita sehinggakan Dia meletakkan sendiri namaNya dalam setiap wanita...."Ar-Rahim" yang bermaksud kasih sayang..

Not only that, tahu tak bahawa seorang wanita yg solehah itu diibaratkan bidadari di dunia..
dan seorang isteri yg solehah itu diibaratkan KETUA bidadari??
haa,kalo nak diceritakan bahawa betapa cantiknya ketua bidadari ni....

"Hebatnya kecantikan ketua bidadari ni, adalah ibarat cahaya bulan mengambang penuh di musim panas. Para bidadari yang lain pula ibarat bintang-bintang yang bertaburan di sekelilingnya. Hanya menyerlah tika bulan menyepi.

Maka apabila Ketua Bidadari itu hadir, si suami seolah-olah terpukau, dan bidadari yang lain seakan tak kelihatan, ataupun nampak kecil saja. Macam gadis jelita dikelilingi budak-budak tadika. Tentu saja fokus si suami takkan beralih dari melihat isterinya"

haa, hebatkan? ada ke ketua bidadara? hehe..

wahai sahabat2, 
memang payah menjadi seorang perempuan kdg2,
tp betapa kecilnya kepayahan kita tu kalo nak dibandingkan dengan anugerah/balasan yg Allah janjikan kepada kita itu..

well, tu hanyalah sedikit ttg keistimewaan perempuan di mata Allah swt..
sebenarnya banyak lagi balasan kepada segala  kepayahan itu..:)

Ingatlah, wanita sangat mudah memasuki syurga, namun sgt mudah juga untuk masuk neraka..
Janganlah kerana "sedikit" kepayahan itu kita memilih untuk ke neraka dan melepaskan peluang yg telah diberikan Allah taala..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kerana Dia Seorang Perempuan..

Dia dilahirkan pada suatu hari sebagai seorang wanita.
Sudah menjadi lumrah kehidupan..
Wanita itu adalah kaum hawa yang sangat manja.
Suka kepada perhatian.
Dahagakan kasih sayang.
Kasihnya melimpah ruah.
Simpatinya tak terhingga..
Tabah hatinya..
Kuat dirinya ..

Namun, sekuat mana pun wanita itu.
Pasti memerlukan si Adam untuk dilindungi.
Maka pergilah dia mencari-cari..

Wahai kaum Adam, janganlah kau sia-siakan kaum Hawa..
Sesungguhnya engkau memerlukan dia.
Janganlah engkau bisikkan kata-kata manis, kerana dia senang mempercayai.
Janganlah engkau lemparkan kata-kata keji, kerana dia senang terguris.

Wahai sebilangan kaum Adam, kerana engkau, dia menjadi gila.
Masyarakat menghukumnya. Mengejinya.
Kerana sebilangan kaum Adam itu, dia hilang sifat simpati.
Wanita yang dulunya memberi kasih melimpah ruah, terus dilabel sebagai penzalim.
Semua kerana bisikan kata-kata manis sebilangan kaum Adam itu.

Kemudian,kau lari tah ke mana. Meninggalkan dia buntu keseorangan.

Kepada masyarakat disana, janganlah kita membenci wanita2 ini..
Sesungguhnya mereka buntu dan keseorangan.
Janganlah menggelarkan wanita-wanita ini zalim, tetapi membiarkan lelaki2 lain melarikan diri.
Adakah itu adil?
Sesungguhnya kita sudah pun menzalimi mereka, sejak membiarkan mereka terus hanyut dalam arus dunia..

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means
(surah an-Nisaa' :34)

Monday, October 10, 2011


Setiap hari aku bertambah dekat pada ajal ku..
semakin lama semakin banyak saat2 dalam hidup ku yang telah aku biarkan berlalu..
Melihat kiri dan kanan..
menghela nafas panjang, dan berfikiran sejenak.
ya Allah, aku dapat merasakan yang aku sering lari dr jalan mu ini..
takutnya aku apabila "kenderaan" yg aku pandu sering terbabas ke tepi tatkala aku lalai memandunya..

Menyuruh orang lain membuat amar makruf dan nahi mungkar namun diri sendiri tidak diingatkan..
ya Allah, apa jenis iman ini...
bibir mengatakan keimanan..
hati meronta-ronta untuk meraih ketenangan..
namun, aku tetap kadang-kala melupakan tuhan.
tetap tenggelam dalam hiasan dunia, dan segala pujukan2 dunia..

AlhamduLilah, naseb ku maseh baik..
walau aku jauh di perantauan, maseh ada sahabat2 yg mengingati..
maseh ada sahabat2 yg dapat memberi nasihat setiap kali aku lalai..
terima kasih sahabat..

dan yg paling penting juga,
walau aku jauh, mak dan ayah masih sering menghubungi ku,
mengingatkan aku tentang batas2 ku,
mengingatkan aku untuk solat dan membaca kitab suci mu..
oh terima kasih ya Allah..

aku akan tetap mencuba untuk tidak lalai lagi..

"Telah nampak kerusakan di darat dan di laut disebabkan karena perbuatan tangan manusia, supaya Allah merasakan kepada mereka sebahagian dari (akibat) perbuatan mereka, agar mereka kembali (ke jalan yang benar)."
(surah Ar-Rumm; 41)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

why not hudud?

Sesungguhnya Islam itu adalah bukan agama paksaan..

So much things are going around these days.
Tak lupa jugak kepada mereka yang sebuk membincngkan ttg hukum hudud.

well, there's a story I would like to share with you guys, somethg that I have read during my leisure time:

In Makkah, there was a man, he has commited a crime.
He has murdered somebody in the past..
and so, by law of Islam, someone who has commited a murder has to be sentenced to death as well (IF THE FAMILY OF THE VICTIM AGREE)..that is what I understand, please do correct me if I'm wrong ya.
HOWEVER, as I always say, Islam is such a beautiful religion.. Allah itu maha penyanyang., so since that man had some children and his children were still young and still dependent on him, he was said to be sentenced to death only when his children and wife were independent enough to live without him.
and so, years after years, he had lived and when the time had comes, he was sentenced to death infront of the public somewhere in Makkah..

His death ceremony wasn't a cruel one. There were people who prayed for him, the person who was incharge to end his life prayed that he will be in peace and will be forgiven by god..

And then, his life was ended there..

Based on my story, the thing I'm trying to tell you people is that, hudud is not cruel as what some people thing..
tidak semestinya kalo, sesorg itu mencuri, terus kena potong tangan..kerana akan ada banyak step2 yg perlu diikut dulu sebelum kita membuat keputusan untuk memotong tangannya atau tidak..
dan pada yg berzina..tidak semestinya juga terus direjam, again, we need to follow the steps guided by the quran..

Hatta seorang perempuan yg telah berzina dan membunuh anaknya sendiri pun telah berjumpa dengan Nabi Musa a.s, lalu kerana dia bertaubat, dia telah diampun oleh Allah..

Hatta seorang anak perempuan yg hampir mati kerana telah cuba membunuh diri pun, aibnya dipaksa tutup oleh khalifah Umar bin al-Khattab apabila bapa kepada perempuan itu menanyakan samaada perlu menceritakan perihal anak perempuannya itu kepada suaminya nanti..

Some people have kept saying that the world is better without hudud, n yet the war is still there,
crime rate is still raising, people who came out from jail are still doing crimes.

Sesungguhnya Allah itu lebih mengetahui makhluk2 ciptaannya lebih dari makhluk2nya sendiri...think about it people..

Say, [O Muhammad], "Do you argue with us about Allah while He is our Lord and your Lord? For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. And we are sincere [in deed and intention] to Him.(al-Baqarah; 139)

perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not.(al-Baqarah;216)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exciting Experience at Esperance 2011

alhamdulilah alhamdulilah alhamdulilah

thank you Allah, thank you..

You have saved for us the fine sunny weather when they said that it should be raining..

You have called your creations to meet us..

You have protected us

and most importantly..

You have given us another lovely memory to be kept 
in our hearts..


It was a beautiful Saturday morning,
a morning unlike others.
a morning when some people woke up without thinking about any assignment to be due..
without thinking about any exam to be faced..
just a beautiful morning when somebody in WA, was waking up to travel about 8 hours to the South..

So we went down2 under..:)....

okok...done with the flowery wordss..
lemma tell you our story in esperance,
Our way to esperance was fantastic..alhamduLilah!
there was beauuuuuuuutiful flowers n scenery all d way..
n yap, we did stop to snapped some photos on the way and stopped at waverock as well..hehe

we arrived esperance immediately after we got the chance to experience sunset on the way....weeee :)
then at night we took some photos on the was sooo cold! n yet, we could still bare with it..

during day 2,we went to pink lake, ocean drive,lookouts, jetty, and swim/some dive/ n play at the beach..
at night, we went for bbq, sedopppnyeww..
then, we watched movie together before we played 3 games!
haha...they were soo funny..
(Thank Allah for rewarding me such wonderful n cool frenz)

for day 3, we went to lucky bay beach at their National park since everyone wants us to go there..
then we went to the museums..

huhu..yup, we went there only for 3 days
3 days n 2nights..
I know you must think that we r crazy for travelling 8 hours south just to spend 3 days there..
but hey, that 3 days were one of the most wonderful memories that I will keep for the rest of my life..
I wish to tell those memories to my children and grandchildren some days..
so that they could understand that Islam never stop the believers to have fun..
and how we could still have fun the right way..

I'm so glad that we never forget our prayers whenever and wherever we r..
and everytime we starts somethg, we prayed and tawakallah to Allah swt..
and when we saw anythg so great, we didnt forget to say "subhanallah or masyaAllah or Allahuakhbar"


Thursday, September 22, 2011


When I was a kid,
my father bought me a "telekung"
He told me to wear it, and just to follow what he did when performing shalat.
I didn't know why, but he told me that.."we r muslim, we have to pray like this"
n then I know, oh, I'M A MUSLIM..

And so, Muslims pray..

One day, I heard my mum read a book by saying language I barely understood,
then she said to me.."this is a quran, Muslims read quran"
n so I thought.."O, Muslims need to perform shalat and read quran"

So then, she sent me to learn how to read quran..

then one day, when I get into school..
I met some friends
She was covering her hair..
My teacher told me, "Muslim girls must cover their hair"
I did'nt understand why..but then I learn again somethg new..
"O, Muslims shalat, read quran and the girls have to cover their hair"
So, when I went home, I told my mom abt it..
And the next time, I went to school with my hair covered..(although not completely at that time)

There was a month,
when suddenly my dad n mom didnt eat and drink at all during the day,
I did'nt understand why,
but then my mom said.."Muslims have to fast during Ramadhan"..

"O, so Muslims perform shalat,read quran, the girls need to cover their hair and fast"



Now, as I'm growing..
I have learned that Muslims don't just perform shalat, read quran, cover their hair and fast for nothing..
As all of them are for Allah, my Creator, my Guardian, the Almighty, the One that never sleeps, the Listener, the Helper.
Allah is the reason for all that..
Shalat, so that I will never forget about Allah, and will keep on remember Him
Reading the quran, so that I can learn more about Islam, what Allah wants me to do and don't..
Covering my aurat(not only hair), so that people treat me with respect and reminds me to take care of my image too as I am bringing the image of Islam as well..
Fast, to remind me to be thankful to Allah, to remind me how many unfortunate people out there are trying to survive without food and drinks..

There are soo much in Islam than just shalat,fast and read the Quran..
but all are after one thing, making ourselves a better person in this life and the hereafter..

"He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding"(al-Baqarah : 269)

Friday, September 16, 2011

siapakah dia?

Setiap hari aku memikirkannya,
siapa ye?

setiap hari aku cuba menjadi yang terbaik,
kerana aku tidak akan pernah tahu bila akan ku jumpa dia..

siapa ye?
apabila ada cerita yg menarik, pasti akan terlintas di dalam fikiran ku untuk menceritakan pada dia satu hari nanti..
akan ku simpan cerita itu buat perbualanku dengan dia nanti..

apabila aku melihat pakaian yg cantik-cantik,
selalu terlintas pada fikiranku,
akan ku pakai pakaian ini di depannya nanti..

tapi siapakah dia?
di mana kah dia skrg?
dekat ke jauh?
apa khabar imannya sekarang?
hm..aku harap dia juga sedang bersiap sedia, mengumpul sebanyak ilmu, menggunungkan takwa, mengukuhkan iman..

aku harap dia dapat membimbingkan ku nanti,
memelihara aku,
meluaskan lagi cintaku pada Illahi..

wahai jodohku,
aku tahu kau diluar sana,
insyaAllah jika umur ku panjang,
kitakan bertemu..

Peliharalah dirimu..
sepertimana aku juga sedang memelihara diri ini..
Biarlah kita mengumpul ilmu, mengkukuhkan iman..

siapa dia? namanya terletak di luh mahfuz..

Sabda Rasullulah s.a.w :

" Tiga perkara yang sesiapa melakukannya akan mendapat kemanisan iman :
Menjadikan Allah s.w.t dan Rasul-Nya s.a.w sebagai cinta yang paling utama, menyintai seseorang semata-mata kerana Allah s.w.t dan benci untuk kembali kepada kekufuran seperti dia benci dicampakkan ke dalam neraka ".

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Terima kasih Ya Allah

Semasa ada yg menangis kebuluran,
Engkau limpahkan kepadaku rezeki yang luas lagi halal..

Semasa ada orang kehilangan..
Kau mempertemukan aku dengan manusia2 yang hebat..
Kau curahkan kepadaku kasih sayang..
Ya Tuhan, sungguh besar nikmat mu, namun sering kali aku tidak bersyukur..

Terima kasih Ya Allah..
terima kasih..

kau berikan aku ibubapa,
Ibu bapa yang sangat mecintai ku,
yang telah mendidik ku,
Walaupun sering kali aku melukakan perasaan mereka, mereka tetap mencintai aku..
membantu aku..mendidik..

terima kasih Ya Allah,
terima kasih..

kau berikan kepadaku sahabat-sahabat..
sahabat yg tidak pernah lupa untuk mengingatiku..
tidak getar untuk menegurku..
tidak berkira apabila membantuku..
tidak berkata-kata buruk di belakangku..
dan sentiasa ada apabila aku memerlukan..

terima kasih Ya Allah,
terima kasih..

kau curahkan aku rezeki..
rezeki yang tidak pernah aku sangka akan terima..
rezeki yang terlebih-lebih rasanya dibandingkan dengan apa aku minta..
sehingga aku lalai membazirkannya..

terima kasih Ya Allah..
terima kasih..

Untuk kesihatan ku,
AlhamduLilah aku mampu berlari, berjalan dan berkata-kata..
melihat segala bukti kebesaran mu..
memuji segala perkara yang dijadikan oleh mu..
mempelajari ilmu mu..

terima kasih Ya Allah,
terima kasih..

kerana Engkau telah memilah aku,
memilih aku untuk berada dalam agamamu..
memilih aku untuk meletakkan Engkau di hatiku.... :)

Allah s.w.t berfirman “Dan jika kamu menghitung nikmat Allah, nescaya kamu tidak dapat menentukan jumlahnya” (An-Nahl: 18).

Thursday, August 25, 2011


semasa engkau pergi,
mata ini tidak henti mengalirkan air..
jantung berdenyut dengan laju..
malam ku lambat..siang ku cepat..

semasa engkau pergi,
sedih aku menangis,
dalam gembira juga aku menangis..
seksa bagi aku mengukir senyuman..
kerana terlalu pedih luka di hati..

Sungguh jahil aku pada waktu itu..

Mengtangisi cinta yg tidak halal di mataNya..
merindui insan yg haram untuk aku rindui..
Melupakan cinta sejati aku yg sebenarnya..

Betul kata kekasih sejati ku,
"akan Ku gantikan kesakitan di hati mu itu dengan kegembiraan "
"akan Ku gantikan dia dengan yg lebih indah"

Wahai sahabat ku,
cinta manusia memang indah..
namun berduri di tengah nya..
cinta manusia memang berkuasa,
tetapi tidak kekal  selamanya..

wahai sahabat,
janganlah menangis, jangan kecewa..
menangis lah kerana tuhanmu..
kerana dosamu..
supaya di akhirat kelak, bulu matamu menjadi saksi dan penyelamat mu..

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

berpesan-pesan dengan baik k?

apa tu aurat?

ala..tutup rambut je.
some says, nampak rambut sikit xpelaaa.

some covers all, but yet they still look "naked"?

WAIT..don't judge them by their appearance brothers n sisters..

We never know the niat of a person..
Sometimes a person don't even know what is aurat eventhough she's a muslim.
She might never be taught about it. She might have heard it, by she never gets the chance to fully understand it..

When a girl is wearing inappropriately, jgnlah kita terus komen yang teruk2.
Such as what I have read before..:
" tau x apa balasan orang yang tak tutup aurat nih?NERAKA !"

haiyh...jgnlah kita sampai mendatangkan fitnah terhadap agama kita sendiri..

"Islam never force" kata-kata seorang muslimah Turkish yang sempat ku kenali dulu..:)

Marilah sama2 kita tunjuk pada dunia betapa sopan dan lembutnya Islam ini..
Islam hanya berkeras apabila kita melakukan perkara yg mmg salah..tapi kalo kita bertaubat nasuha, kita masih dapat dimaafkan...walaupun sebesar mana pun dosa kita td..

Jom kita ambil iktibar dr Rasul kesayangan kita Muhammad s.a yg apabila dicemuh oleh org kafir, dia bersabar, malah berdoa pada Allah..

"Ya Allah, ampunilah mereka, sesungguhnya mereka tidak tahu apa yg mereka lakukan.."

sungguh muliakan kalau macam itu?

Memang mencegah kemungkaran dan berpesan2 itu wajib,malah selemah-lemah iman adalah mencegah sesuatu dgn hati sahaja.
Tetapi ingat, marilah kita berpesan-pesan dengan cara yg baik..dan terus berpesan..

insyaAllah hatinya akan terbuka..:)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ya Allah.

Kerana Dia Aku masih dcni,
Sambil menghirup udara yang sejuk..

Teringat kembali saat-saat getar aku lalui,
Tak tertahan rasanya hati pada masa itu..
Tak terpikul rasanya bahu untuk membawa bebanan pada waktu itu..

Sungguh aku ini pelupa.

ya Allah, dengan restu dan kasih sayang mu, aku dcni masih tegak berdiri,
Sambil menghirup udara mu yg segar ini..

Teingat kembali saat-saat aku melakukan dosa durjana
Seolah-olah Engkau tiada.
Seolah-olah dunia aku yang punya..

Sungguh aku pelupa..

ya Allah, sungguh kau maha pengampun..
Seluas langit dosaku tetap Kau ampun..
Sezalim mana diriku tetap Engkau memberi simpati apabila aku merintih untuk keampunan dari mu..

dan kerana simpati dan cinta Mu itu lah aku masih berdiri dcni..
menghirup udara yang segar..

Allah, sambutlah aku di kala kau seru kembali umat Rasul-rasul mu..
Panggillah nama ku dengan penuh rasa kasih..
Jangan lah Engkau paling dari Aku ..
Walaupun aku manusia lemah lagi hina..

Ya Allah, jangan pesongkan diri ku,
Setelah engkau berikan aku petunjuk..

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ajal Maut di tgn Allah swt

dcni saya ada satu cerita..
tentang pemandu motorsikal yg kemalangan...

" girlfren dia jatuh tah macam mana tah bleyh tertusuk besi divider.. tangan boyfrn dia plak terputus tah macam mana tah, habis ribs dia tertusuk perut dia sendiri...genap 44 hari, dia pun meninggal.."

Allah....ngerinya bila dengar..takut rasa bila memikirkan yang ajal maut itu semuanya di tgn Allah swt...
tak der daya langsung untuk diri ni melewatkan atau menghalangnya dr berlaku..
elok2 bawak motor, tetiba boleyh mati sengeri itu..


"kesian isteri dia yg sarat mengandung anak kedua tu.."

"isteri?tadi kata girlfren"

"ialah, isteri...hmm tulah..isteri dh ada kat rumah mengandung jaga anak, tp ada gak girlfren"

subhanallah...Allah itu begitu hebat kuasanya..

terdetik di dalam hati ini...

macam mana agaknya kalo aku mati dalam keadaan itu..
tidak sempat minta maaf kepada manusia..
tidak sempat bertaubat..

kawan2, hidup ni bukan 2,3 kali...hanya sekali sahaja..
dunia ini hanyalah ujian..dan tiada lagi ujian selepas ini..
jadi kenapa harus kita mempertaruhkan hidup ini? apakah kita tidak sayang lagi pada diri sendiri?

semoga kita sama2 selalu dapat mengingatkan each other tentang hari kebangkitan kita nanti..
Jom la kita sama2 cuba mengamalkan amal makruf nahimungkar supaya kita dapat meninggal dalam keadaan yg baek..dan supaya kita sama2 bergembira di hari kita dihisab nanti..

QS Al A’raf : 50
“Dan penghuni neraka menyeru penghuni syurga: " Limpahkanlah kepada kami sedikit air atau makanan yang telah direzekikan Allah kepadamu…."
Semua doa dan permohonan penghuni neraka tidak pernah diterima oleh Tuhan. Allah SWT hanya berfirman :

QS Ath Thuur : 16

“Masukklah kamu ke dalamnya (rasakanlah panas apinya); maka baik kamu bersabar atau tidak, sama saja bagimu; kamu diberi balasan terhadap apa yang telah kamu kerjakan.”

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Umrah :)

classes are just around the corner people! (but I am still on MY LAND)HEHE..i know many of you are jelus! but heyy, dont worry, u people will be back on YOUR LAND again one day. so chill.

alhamduLilah, i think some of you might have already known that I have went to umrah during ma break.
So when many of ma frenz were bz playing with the snow, I was at the middle of the desert.
it was hot.(undeniable) but it was great! alhamduLilah.syukur2 to Allah swt.

we went to Madinah al Munawarah first then we went to Makkah al Mukaramah.

we arrived Madinah about 1 am.
so I quickly took a short shower and nap before preparing maself for suboh.
n when suboh arrived, masyaAllah, the azan was beatiful and I could see everybody, everybody from everycorner started walking towards the Masjid Nabawi..

and as I step into the Masjid Nabawi, subhanallah, what a beauty.
zam2 were everywhere. It is a must for me to drink the zam2 everytime i entered the mosque.
and everytime I drank the zam2, I would be amazed of it. I mean, lets think about it ya..the zam2 is a water that    
can be found in the middle of the dessert. and despite of the heat, the zam2 is always there since million of years already! and not only that, the taste of zam2 had never change!..Allahhuakhbar..

the view of madinah from my room

Masjid Nabawi (ignore her) n sori senget plak
after about 4 days in madinah..
we moved to Makkah..
and started our umrah..

the feeling when I was on my way to Makkah cant be describe..
it felt like, Allah has Invited me to his favorite place, to his home, to where a great man was born, Rasulullah s.a..
I felt honoured in the same time guilty because I have done so much sins and yet, Allah still make chances for me to be at Makkah again..sungguh Maha penyayang...

there's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to say about my experience in makkah n madinah.
but I think the best thing is you just have to experience it yourself.....:)

salam wrt..

Monday, June 27, 2011

kepulangan PART 2

yes! dapat pun masuk dunia blog ni balek.
almaklumlah, agak bz lately..(sebenarnya lupa password kan..watever la dmira)-.-"

so, after hours on the flight, I have finally made it! I'm on MY LAND people.
di cnilah tempat tumpah darah ku.
so, it has been much pleasure being here..
I've done so much awesome thgs with awesome people..
I went to buy some new cool tudungs with ma mum
eat and eat..
bowling , roller skate. and much2 more!

sori tu bro ek, not bf!

kalo nak tgk gambar skate, ada di facebook saya..(kalau nak tgk laa...)
ohkayh..tu je nak update so far.actually byk yg nak mama dh panggil!cya!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


salam to all.

for this time entry, I'd like to answer some curiosity of my friend., his name is Hilal.:)

well, he asked..

Yes there is a but ,
What if the other person thinks its more than that .
You're not leading on just you're being who you are but she/he thinks the differ and go further .
How do you not jeopardize the relationship as friends and not make the opposite sex heart broken .

that's a tough question man! seusly..
but, actually the answer is simple..

don't love a person too much and the way we show and give our love has to be right, tul x?(cece, i hope i'm right)
Jangan la over plak dlm loving sum1, if shes a girl, treat her and love her by following the guideline presented by Islam. and insyaAllah you'll be safe from any heart broken.

ofcoz, sum ppl will be "perasan" that when we treat em nice and care for em means we are falling for em..hmm....had face that before...
but in that case, we can't do anythg abt it..
But, does that mean we have to stop treating em nicely and love em for who they are?

what I meant by saying love a person n never hope anythg in return is to avoid any dishonesty in any relationships (frenship, family, husband n wife..etc etc)..
Some people are too eager to be loved back until they tend to be so worry and frustrated of themselves...
To me, its a very simple concept.. love, help, give ..bcuz everytime u does that, Allah will loves u even more..

hope that quite much  helps..hehe..
if not, im sorry!

Monday, June 20, 2011

symptom time exam........(or maybe it's just me)

sum1: I must study!

 15 minute passed..

sum1: (studying. studying. studying)

30 min passed...

sum1: to do this question?....nvm, try2! I know i can do it!


33 min passed...

sum1: hmmm...pnah ke aku belaja benda ni? (nampak sgt kuat megelamun dlm kelas.erk.)-.-"

35 min passed..

sum1: ..tak tau cane nak buat ni..ah.stress!.bukak fb JAP la..

40 min passed..
50 min passed...
2 hours passed...

sum1: oh no! dh pukul 10! lamanya aku bukak fb (buat2 terkejut la plakkan)..
            ok..sambung study..

at 11...

sum1: ngantuknya.......

at 12am..

sum1: ZzZzZzZzZ

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perth ke?

AlhamduLilah...exam finally habis.( jgn tanya eden how was it -.-")

so, skrg ni cuti la kita!!haha..
since tgh cuti ni..saya nak share sikit ye ttg tempat di mana sy menimba ilmu since tak pernah  lagi kan saya kongsi citer pasal ni 

well, I'm currently studying in Perth, WA, Australia.
It's a really nice and beautiful place.
Seus, x tipu punya.
Ofcoz some people cakap perth is a boring place.
Hm. to me its not laaa...let me show to ya some pictures..

city from far

prada, gucci, burbury, guess etc

hay st



riverside drive

cottesloe, 10 min from UWA

KAK Rehan!!:D

N ofcoz with me;)

So what do u guys think???cam boring gak ke?-.-"
tak la best je.
Well, Ive been here for 2 yrs dah..and I never get bord of it. I just love it!..