Monday, November 11, 2013

Sharing Books

Some people asked "what I like to read?"
Actually, I am not really a book worm. The books that I have read were mainly the ones that people recommended to me and lent to me. Baik kan??:) 
Some were also gifts! MasyaAllah, tabarakallah may Allah bless them!
So for this sem, I've read some books and there are few which are still pending to be finished. heh

Some of the books that I've read this sem which I found them to be interesting are : 

= Membina Diri Dengan Al-Fatihah (by Abu Al-Faqar)
= Bercinta Sampai ke Syurga (by Ustaz Hazrizal)
= Panduan dan kelebihan Khatam al-Quran (by Ustaz Taha Hassan)

Membina diri dgn al-Fatihah is more like a motivational book to me. The meaning of every ayah, the message behind every ayah as well as the significance of each ayah! It helps me to relates al-Fatihah with my life, who I am, what I should be as the servant of God. 

Bercinta Sampai Ke Syurga by Ustaz Hasrizal is an awesome book indeed. It doesn't only talks about love. Rather, he is trying to remind us that we are "hamba". The book also taught me that many people are trying to be successful in politics, careers and ambitions till they forgot to care for the foundation of them all :a strong supportive family! The book reminds me that despite of who we are (pendakwah, ustaz, ustazah or whoever) , we are still humans! Human make mistakes, and so we need to learn to accept and forgive. We also have our own needs as human: love. Furthermore, he taught me that in whatever situations, we must balance up Syariatullah (Rules of God) and Sunnatullah (Law of Nature). 

Panduan dan Kelebihan Khatam al-Quran taught me things I didn't knew before. Things like: when is the best time for me to khatam? the best way to finish my reading (khatam)?, and the significance of Khatam. 
I reckon this book can be a useful guide for every Muslim because many times we missed the great pahala and opportunities that Allah has offered to us. Hence, I think this book will helps us in gaining more barakah.

There are other 2 books that I am currently trying to finish:

=What I Believe (by Tariq Ramadhan)
= Reclaim your Heart (by Yasmin Mogahed)

Two books written by very well-know, interesting people. So far, I found "What I Believe" is more to facts referring to the reality of the world today, the problems surrounds the modern society. Perceptions on the Muslim Community as well as how different Muslims community see themselves and others. 

Reclaim Your Heart is more to motivational book. I have just started reading it, and I must tell you that I just don't want to stop reading it if I could! 

ok, that's all for now. I think I need to resist myself from these books for now because of the final exams. Huk. Well, hoping others will find those books enjoyable yet beneficial as well! Just sharing, please don't mind to share your's. ^^ 

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