Friday, January 11, 2013

Muslimah ?Next Door?"

As I was browsing through what I have wrote for these past couple of days, I realized that the name of my blog is "THE MUSLIMAH NEXT DOOR" and I wonder ..
Pergh "Muslimah" keeer aku niyh?

Well,  "Muslimah" means a Muslim women.
It doesn't mean you are  a Muslim woman that is very nice, alim, warak etc2.
So I guess, when I use the word "Muslimah", I was just referring to myself as a Muslim woman.
Because I am proud to be one! yeay!alhamduLilah.
So, don't be annoyed by the word Muslimah, cause I am not refering myself as a reeeeaally good Muslim woman. Because I don't think I deserves to be called "warak", although I wish for it most of the time! T.T

Then came "The Next Door",
Well, that supaya kita semua rasa close to each other..
you know, like your neighbour next door..
A person, who is not related to you by blood, but has to care for you, tanya2 khabar..tegur, bagi nasihat etc etc..
Someone who would like to share nice stories with you..
Someone who wants to share her ups and downs in life..
That someone is me..

So, that's how I came up we the idea of giving my blog's name, "The Muslimah Next Door"..Hooray!

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